Index - The New Jerusalem/Bride of Christ thesis and background ++

In the beginning were straight edge, pencil and compasses. Then came number: of angle, of dimension, of relationship. And later - much, much later - where to build her, this Woman of REVELATION:

        Isis Geometry          The Wood Extended Pentagram/Star Union            Isis a third way                 Isis from Orion, Sirius and Draco (Denderah ceiling)


Graphics, left to right - acknowledgements to 1  Me, "phi r", 2. David Wood and Ian Campbell, 3. Robert Miller, 4. Simon Miles - study of pentagram andf hexagram (based on).

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                                             The thesis is the first (to an extent) whilst the rest (in this section) are the investigative notes/backgound relating to it - geoffss, 19-06-09

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